Friday, March 19, 2010

March is Half Over - So much to catch-up

The first quarter of 2010 is nearly behind us. If you are like me, you often wonder how that happened. 2009 will be remembered as a blur for Zann and me. The twins turned one on Valentine's Day! Nick turned eight and was baptized and Carter turned an amazing 4.

In 2009, there was learning to ride bikes, Boys' day out at Six Flags, 4th of July in Washington D.C. and a Smith Family Reunion too. Brighton and Landon discovered each other, they couldn't be more different. We ofter refer to Landon and Carter and twins from different times. Landon is a mirror of Carter in all things, good and bad. Brighton is settling into her role as the ONLY girl like a natural.

To illustrate just how fast time flies, we were discussing going to Utah for Christmas early in 2009 and we realized it had been six years since visiting Utah for Christmas. So we sucked it up and flew all six of us (yes 6) to Utah. It so happened that most of Zann's siblings were going to be in Utah at that time too. What a crazy time for all, but so worth it. The boys got to spend endless days and nights with their cousins, and the twins got attention from all the Aunts.

That trip will forever be remembered as the Flu Christmas. Out of 22 people 18 people got the 24 hour, nastiest, crappiest, and downright gut wrenching Flu ever. It took some of us down for 72 hrs. Now I remember why we don't travel at Christmas. The last time we did, Zann and I got the Flu then too.

So 2010 rolls around....
Six days after returning from Utah for Christmas, we got all got on a plan again and went to Disney World Resort. Zann and the boys signed up for the Disney Marathon and Kids Wide World of Sports weekend. Nick ran the mile, Carter ran the 400m, Brighton and Landon crawled the 7m (yes about 10 feet). I have to admit it was a great time, except for Zann's injury that prevented her from running the Marathon, which was the 10 year Anniversary of her running of the St. George, Utah Marathon.

just and observation...
It seems that I need to make a call, Facebook or We obviously cannot keep up with both.

So as we move ever so diligently into the 2nd quarter of the year, we hope that you and yours are well, prosperous, and have joy in your lives.

We hope to keep you posted on the mundane, mediocre, melancholy, monotonous and overall regular life. (Which I would not change for anything!)


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Jennifer said...

It was fun to catch up on all that is happening in your family. What a busy year for you! I ran in to your dad, Zann, at the church history museum. He gave us a short tour. He told me about the sick Christmas. So sorry:(.

Happy Easter!

Jen McMullin Mortensen